It is not about controlling everything your child does online… it is about keeping them safe whilst respecting their privacy and building a stronger bond.

Chloe Redhouse, Kanopy CEO

What does Kanopy help with

Kanopy is an intelligent app that works in the background of your child’s phone – think about it as some sort of cyber-bodyguard. We combine the latest psychological research with advanced artificial intelligence to analyse all type of content on your child’s phone. If any potential concerns arise you will be notified in real time with insights, without us disclosing the full content, to protect their privacy.

Drugs and alcohol

We let you know if your child seems to be engaged in consumption of drugs or alcohol that is higher than normal

Mental health

We alert you if your child has been having dark thoughts to a rate that should be worrying

Sexual content

We alert you if there is any sign of unwanted content, harassment or violence towards or from your child


We help your child navigate any potential cyberbullying situations and alert you before it gets out of hand

Self harm and suicide

Kanopy will understand if your child might be at risks and provides you with expert advice on to help them through it


We raise up if your child is being a victim of violence or being violent online and help you address it in a considerate way

How it works

Choose your protection level

You decide together with your child what types of interactions cross a line.


Connect Knopy to most online platforms to start the behaviour analysis.


Get a notification when something seems unwanted, suspicious or risky.


Get tailored, expert advice on how to address concerning issues with your child.

Peace of mind for parents

Kanopy is an essential tool for parenting in the digital age. It is like the helmet you give to your children when you get them a bike.

Privacy for children and teens

Kanopy maintains your child’s privacy and cultivates a trusting relationship between you two.

Expert advice for better trust

We give you tailored, expert recommendations on how to address the issues Kanopy flagged, with your children.

Kanopy app coverage

Tweens and teens need to experiment in order to become responsible adults. Unlike other monitoring apps, Kanopy provides them a safe space to do so while protecting their privacy.

Camilla Bran, Psychologist